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We Are Now Offering Three New Therapies!

That's correct! We now have three great new therapies being offered exclusively by Danielle Maroulis. LMT

Thai Massage:

Lengthening muscle tissue is so important to the health and structure of our bodies and that is exactly what Thai Massage does. During a session, you lay on a mat fully clothed while your therapist takes you through a series of passive stretches (you don’t have to do the work!). Communication is key and wearing comfortable clothing allows you to get the most out of the stretching. Thai Massage increases flexibility and range of motion, calms the nervous system, helps relieve muscle spasms and is wonderful for hip, low back and sciatic pain. Don't worry, no skill level of stretching is required! Schedule a session today!

Cupping Therapy:

Cupping is a technique used to help relieve both acute and chronic pain. Injuries and overuse of muscle tissue create a toxic build of of fluid (metabolic waste) which results in pain and very often, restricted movement. Cups are used to draw out this build up (through negative pressure) and allow for fresh blood to saturate the area. This results in increased muscle health and decreased pain. Cupping can be a stand alone treatment or incorporated into a regular massage.

Gua Sha:

Gua Sha is a Chinese medicine technique that has been used for many years to manage pain associated with adhesions (scar tissue) under the skin. A tool is used to lightly break apart the scar tissue which allows for increased circulation, increased mobility and healing to the area. This treatment is good for old injury sites, hyper-tense muscle tissue, tendinitis, carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis to name a few. Add Gua Sha onto any regular massage session!